The sponsors of Green Metro Service (GMS) have had a decades long experience in providing passenger bus service throughout Pakistan.  The sponsors were the first to introduce air-conditioned bus service in Sindh province by the name of Blue Lines in 1982.  Thus bringing in a new level of comfort and convenience for the travelling public.  The sponsors are the third generation of the family in the transport business.

Keeping in view the deteriorating transport fleet in Karachi, the sponsors saw an opportunity to become operators of an idle fleet of KMC buses.  For this specific opportunity the sponsors formed GMS to provide the citizens of Karachi a brighter option, by introducing refurbished HINO Green CNG buses.

GMS is intended to provide a reliable, affordable, accessible, safe and comfortable “first and last mile” city bus service for private vehicle users, public transport users and tourists connecting the  Business District. GMS connects users to various places around Karachi, such as main office blocks, shopping centers, public transportation hubs, education institutes and tourist attractions.